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Global Care, Financial Advisory & Mobility

Who we are

Spemocean is a specialised on Global care & mobility. Our obligation is to ensure that our people are in the right place at the right time. We have dedicated global-mobility experts with in-depth local knowledge and experience to mobilise the best talent, no matter where it is located.

Our Global Care, Financial Advisory & Mobility

Spemocean is a one stop solution that covers a full end-to-end service. Working side-by-side with clients to provide a complete set of Global Mobility Solutions, we can take the organisational and administrative burden away from our client by managing the entire mobilisation process on their behalf. Spemocean also offers bespoke financial advisory services, bridging the gap between financial institutions and our clients through unique and tailor made solutions. As a result, clients experience a clear, worry free and integrated result which helps alleviate the risks of managing an international workforce.

We provide our Consultants with comprehensive information packages to help them familiarize with the local conditions and getting settled.

Whatever is needed, Spemocean’s Global Mobility specialists can help with the compliance, security and assignment requirements that need to be considered to guarantee that personnel arrive safely on-site when needed.


HR Agency Service

Social insurance service, Housing accumulation fund service, Salary service, Personnel files service, Personnel-related formalities service, Certificates service, Credentials service, Policy consulting service

Visa application and Management Services

We offer one-stop solutions for Visa applications, beginning with completing the Visa application forms to delivering the approved Visa. We assisting with completion of Visa application form (and providing all the necessary and valid documents required by the respective Embassies).

Global Financial Advisory, Insurance and Benefits Services

Our Global Financial Advisory Service provides the platform to connect Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy asset owners and investors. We help project owners to get their projects financed by providing a unique sourcing channel for accredited funding providers. We are also a trusted Offshore Financial Advisor for investors in search of opportunities that would deliver high returns. At our Insurance Benefit Services, we pride ourselves on how well trained our staff is, to treat every customer with Superior Customer Service. We help you outline, and implement the plan that is best suited to your needs.

Labor Dispatch Service

Our Labor dispatch services provide a low cost and flexible hiring process. Whether it is a company that needs to staff a short-term project within a demanding deadline, or one that needs to hire temporary workers to support its business during start-up, labor dispatch proves a top choice compared with other traditional recruitment methods.

Wage and Salary Services

We offer a flexible and comprehensive payroll, which can reduce a significant administrative burden management, we ensure that wages and taxes calculations are performed in accordance with the appropriate legislation. Our distinct approach to payroll service is only focused on sustainable planning, an approach to fixing and support the company from beginning to end.

Labor Relations Management

Our Labor relation management team specializes in planning and conducting customized, innovative campaigns aimed at maintaining a union-free working environment. We also produce tailored employee orientation programs, supervisory training and other specialized labor relations consulting services.We represent Management only and work closely with labor counsel selected by the employer.